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Beware Motorist : Snake Doing Road Rage

You know, snakes are not just fast they are furious too, a motorist was riding when suddenly he was attacked by the furious snake, which lying in the middle of road. This is exceptional case of road rage and snake jumped over the motorist and hit him towards the legs.

The video of the aggressive snake was taken at Lumpong, Thailand, in that it is first shown that snake was lying motionless in the road ahead. When the cyclist pull the reptile off the road, suddenly it just lunges at him back, jumping on the legs. It is suggested by the trailing vehicle, which was coming from behind, who apparently took the video said that the snake might have been crushed.

Snake Attack
(Pic Source : Huffingtonpost)

The video ends here and it is not clear what happened to snake afterwards but this is case of road rage, or maybe snake is asking for the lift.

Hitchhiking snakes is the new craze…

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