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Bhagsu Trek

The trek to Bhagsu is short but a refreshing one! There are two places to be visited in Bhagsu. One being the Bhagsu temple, which is also a pilgrim centre for Hindus.  It is also referred as the Bhagsunag temple, a temple of Lord Shiva. It is very historic and has its own significance. The other place to be visited is the Bhagsu / Bhagsunag waterfalls. They are 20 minutes away from the temple. The waterfall is mid-sized, cascading from the height of 20 meters. The waterfall is truly a phenomenal site during monsoons.

How to get there?
Bhagsu Waterfall is 3 km away from McLeodganj and one kilometre from the Bhagsu temple.

The trek from McLeodganj to Bhagsu is relatively easy. You can also take a cab to reach Bhagsu temple and start hiking from there. The temple and the waterfall are only twenty minutes from each other. For the waterfall, the trekkers need to climb half a hill, which may be difficult for some. Bhagsu has many refreshment centres as well and also houses the popular Shiva Cafe.

The Bhagsu village has some homestays and hotel options. However, since the trek is short, people prefer going back to McLeodganj or further trek up to Triund.

Best time to go
Throughout the year. Waterfall becomes grand during monsoons.

Difficulty level

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