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Birthday Party Themes For Your Little Girl (Part-1)

1. The ‘All Pink’ Party

There is no surprise in the fact that girls love pink, so why not paint the house pink on her birthday? (And no, you don’t have to actually paint it pink!) This theme is an easy and a good choice for your girl’s first birthday.


  • Decorate the house with pink balloons and ribbons.
  • Make your princess wear a pink beautiful frock or a gown.
  • Distribute pink hats to the guests.
  • Serve pink cupcakes, candies or jellies and order a customized pink cake.
  • Distribute pink coloured stationery or pink small mirrors as a return gift.

2. ‘Disney’ Party

Disney princesses are loved by girls. All girls have one princess or the other as their favourite. So why not let your girl be their favourite Disney princess for one day?


  • Ask your guests to dress their girls as Disney princesses.
  • Dress your girl as her favourite Disney princess.
  • Distribute tiaras to the girls.
  • Decorate the venue with cutouts of different Disney Princesses.
  • Order a customized cake in the shape of a castle.
  • Distribute mugs or stationery with Disney princesses printed on them.

3. ‘Barbie’ Party

Barbie dolls are loved by girls, which in turn, makes this theme a must-try.


  • Decorate the venue with Barbie cutouts and Barbie dolls.
  • Dress your girl in a customized Barbie doll outfit.
  • Organize a Barbie fashion show or a photo shoot for the girl gang.
  • Order a customized cake with Barbie doll figure on it.
  • Distribute Barbie doll set or Barbie printed stationery as a return gift.

4. ‘Polka Party’

Polka dots look stylish and give off a retro feel! This theme is a great idea for your girl’s first birthday.


  • Decorate the venue with polka dotted balloons, curtains, and tablecloths.
  • Dress the birthday girl in a polka dotted dress.
  • Serve drinks in polka dotted cups and snacks in polka dotted plates.
  • Order a customized polka dotted patterned cake.
  • Distribute polka dotted mugs as a return gift.

5. ‘Frozen Party’

Elsa and Anna are all-time favourite Disney princesses and the winter theme associated with the movie makes this party idea even more happening.


  • Decorate the venue in all white and blue.
  • Make DIY snowflakes with paper and hang them up with thread.
  • Dress the birthday girl as Elsa.
  • Distribute tiaras to the kids.
  • Order a customized cake with Elsa and Anna figures on it.
  • Distribute mugs with Elsa, Anna or Olaf printed on them as a return gift.

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