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Birthday Party Themes For Your Little Girl (Part-3)

1. ‘Rainbow’ Party

Who doesn’t love colours? This theme is the right one to celebrate colours, which in turn, reflects happiness and celebrations!


  • Decorate the house with balloons and flowers of all colours.
  • Dress your girl up in a dress that has all the colours of the rainbow.
  • Distribute colourful hats to the kids.
  • Stock plates, glasses, napkins and spoons in all colours.
  • Order a customized cake which has a rainbow on it.
  • Distribute colouring paints as a return gift.

2. ‘Fashionista’ Party

There is no surprise in the fact that girls love fashion. A fashionista theme is a good choice for your teenage girl.


  • Decorate the venue with dress, mirror, heels and lipstick paper cutouts.
  • Distribute tiaras to the guests.
  • Dress your girl up to look like a model with light makeup.
  • Organize a fashion show for the girls.
  • Order a customized cake in the shape of a dress, or cupcakes with different makeup accessories crafted on them.
  • Distribute makeup accessory kits as a return gift.

3. ‘Harry Potter’ Party

Harry Potter is a popular option irrespective of gender and age, so why not go for this adventurous theme on your girl’s next birthday?


  • Send invites with the Hogwarts stamp on it.
  • Decorate the venue with posters of characters from the movie.
  • Decorate the gate with a banner titled “Welcome to Hogwarts.”
  • Dress your girl as Hermione from Harry Potter, or as her favourite character.
  • Distribute handmade wands and robes to the guests.
  • Order a customized cake in the shape of a sorting hat.
  • Distribute Hogwarts logo printed mugs to the guests.

4. ‘Fairy’ Party

Magic and fairies, wow! Everyone in their lives has once hoped for a fairy to transform their lives, just like Cinderella’s!


  • Decorate the venue with fairy and butterfly cutouts.
  • Dress your girl up just like a fairy with a set of paper made wings pinned to the back of the dress.
  • Distribute star wands, tiaras, and paper made wings to the guests,
  • Serve cupcakes with fairies crafted on them.
  • Order a customized cake with a fairy figure on it.
  • Distribute mugs with fairies printed on them as a return gift.

5. ‘Jewellery’ Party

Girls love jewellery and this love grows with age! This makes it a suitable theme for your teenage girl’s next birthday.


  • Decorate the venue with paper cutouts of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.
  • Dress your girl up in an elegant dress with a beautiful piece of jewellery adorning her ears, neck, ring, and wrists.
  • Serve cupcakes with different jewellery accessories crafted on them.
  • Order a customized cake in the shape of a jewellery box.
  • Distribute small jewellery boxes as a return gift.

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