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Bisexual stereotypes you need to know

Most people understand the concept of homosexuality. When it comes to bisexuality, confusion reigns, and they can’t comprehend what it means exactly. Sexuality runs on a spectrum. On both extremes, you have heterosexuality and homosexuality. It’s not so black and white.

Bisexuality falls within the spectrum and closes the gap between homosexuality and heterosexuality. To gain a better understanding, here are some bisexual stereotypes floating around. Ugh, when will stereotypes die already?

1. Bisexuals are going through a phase. Bisexual people are confused, they just can’t decide, right? Nope. Okay, yes, many gays and lesbians do use bisexuality as a stepping stone in order to come out. At the same time, there are some people who identify as bisexual until they figure out their orientation while others strongly identify as bisexual.

2. Bisexuals are selfish people. They must be greedy, right? They just want everything. They can’t decide on the gender, so they’ll take them all. No, it doesn’t work like that. Being bisexual doesn’t make people feel the need to “take over” and have as many partners as possible of either gender.

3. They don’t exist. I’ve heard many people say that they don’t believe bisexual people exist. You’re either one or the other. However, it’s extremely black and white thinking to apply to sexuality. Many people struggle with believing that you can be on a spectrum of sexuality. However, the sexual spectrum does exist.

4. Bisexuality spreads STIs. Yes, men who have sex with other man are at a higher risk of contracting STIs such as HIV. This doesn’t mean bisexual men are more likely to spread diseases. Whether straight, gay, or bisexual, it’s your responsibility to take the steps in order to having safe sex. This means wearing protection and using contraception.

5. Bisexuals are cheaters. If you’re attracted to men and women then you must love to cheat, right? Wrong. A cheater is a cheater. Shockingly, they exist in every community, regardless of sexual orientation. If someone is attracted to more than one gender, this opens their options to eligible partners. It doesn’t increase the likelihood for them to cheat.

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