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Bizarre Mobile Recharge Shops Selling Girls Numbers in UP

Mobile recharge shops in UP are selling normal girl’s  number for Rs.50 and pretty girl’s  number for Rs.500. Sounds Creepy, Bizarre and Absurd.

The latest trap in the UP‘s mobile recharge shops is that they are selling girls numbers.

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(Pic Source – Telecom Talk)

As dirty as it can get, now the girls in UP are not safe even if they are visiting Mobile Shops for the recharging purposes.

The creepy sect of people, will leak your number and send it to the sexually frustrated men in UP, who will harass with lewd talks and a spree of continuous calling.

The numbers are given to persons who are willing to pay the above mentioned amount and then they start their mania which is not being managed by UP Police.

After getting the contact numbers, they call and say “Hum aap se dosti karna chahte hai” or” I want to make friendship with you”

This illegal practiced was noticed by the UP Police, when the women’s helpline number “1090” was flooded with complaints.

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(Pic Source – Being India)

Out of the 6 lakh complaints, the 90 % fall under women harassment so far.

Some of the persons even send vulgar images through WhatsApp and call this as HARMLESS FUN..

In one revelation by a 24 year Mohammed that his fav shop is run by the father n son duo and says,

Hum Log Waha Jake Number Kharidte hai aur kai baar WhatsApp par vulgar pictures bhe bhejte hai”.

A 28 year Puja from Sitapur said that,

”The same man calls me from the new numbers late at night. Ulti sidhi baatein karta hai”

Rajesh Pratap Singh – in charge of helpline got hold of the couple of persons, but he hears a same response,”She is my girlfriend who has stopped talking to me.”

Is this a harmless fun, where the youth of India is heading?

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