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Bumping into an EX!

As awkward as bumping into an ex can seem, it is still a test of your character. It can help you judge your own life. Are you better off since the break up? Do you need to get a life?

And most importantly, have you moved on to greener pastures?

The most important thing to remember – Don’t lose control!

It’s strange, but even the most composed of us tend to lose all control of the situation when we bump into an ex. And almost always, it happens because we haven’t prepared ourselves for it.

Right now, visualize yourself bumping into an ex. How would you behave? Every ex is different, but the conversation you’d have with any of them doesn’t have to be different. As long as you remember to stay calm and avoid losing your cool, all you need are the tips mentioned below to walk away from the conversation feeling great about yourself!

Don’t hide – Say hello first!

This is something that can help you get the advantage in the awkward moment. You don’t need to be rude or pretend like both of you don’t even exist. And there’s a good chance your ex may have seen you too.

The real awkward moment when exes run into each other is figuring out whether to talk to each other, and secondly, who needs to make the first move to walk towards each other.

To avoid this series of awkward moments, be the first to wave hello. By waving a hello first, you’re making sure you make the first move. And that would make it seem like you’re not feeling awkward about the situation. And since you waved your hand already, there’s no more pressure on you to do anything beyond that.

All you need to do is smile, look in your ex’s direction for a second or two, and wait to see what they do to reciprocate your hello. Do they just wave back and look away? Or does your ex smile brightly and walk towards you?

By saying hello first, you’re putting all the awkwardness and pressure on your ex while appearing like you’re in control of the situation at the same time!

What’s the worst that could happen by saying hello first? Well, your ex could look towards you, stare sharply, snort and look away. Well, that’s way better than walking up towards them and being snubbed, don’t you think?

Read the signs when you bump into your ex

One of the reasons why running into exes is so awkward is because it’s so unpredictable. Both of you don’t know how the other person will behave or react, and that makes both of you overly cautious. Sometimes, your ex may want to stay and talk to you, but the awkwardness may overwhelm them. If they have nothing to say, and yet, don’t seem like they want to walk away, there’s a good chance that your ex still loves you.

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