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Cafes in Satyaniketan perfect to fit your budget

If you are a foodie in South Delhi who is a college student, don’t let budget constraints devoid you from café hopping. Satyaniketan, near South Campus Metro station is a hub of some best cafes in Delhi and we have brought you some of the budget ones for the next hangout with friends.

1. Big Yellow Door

Big Yellow Door Satya Niketan is a very affordable, compact cafe with DIY created indoor decoration and delicious fixes for starters and mains. The food is well presented and is very delicious. It can be your favourite place to go back to grab a bite! It can be really cool place to hangout with your friends and have some nice time.

Costs – 700 for two people.

2. Café Diaries

They have recently opened up, but boy did they start with a bang! In the by lanes of Satyaniketan amongst the dingy lot of restaurants, this place stands out like a ray of sunshine. They have everything you can ask for, from food to games to novels. The prices are very reasonable. You can’t go to this place and not come back with loads of photographs, they have insta worthy corners everywhere.

Costs- 500 for two people.

3. Young Wild Free Café

This is a small café that has a good setting and nice ambience. If you are looking forward to delicious food in pocket friendly prices, then this is the place to be at. The food is really good and the staff is really friendly. This café has to be on your go to list. Bonus- They have some amazing shakes.

Costs – 500 for two people.

4. Off Campus

If you are a college student this is the best place to hangout with your friends. It has a rooftop sitting area that gives you access to an amazing view, also you can enjoy the weather. The food is amazing as well as the drinks. This  café is a must visit one.

Costs- 700 for two people.

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