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Car Kissing Contest : Kiss and Get a Free Car

What you can do for a free car? Jump off a cliff or clean a high rise building. Can you kiss a car?

Sounds bizarre, but I am asking you, can you kiss a car, lock your lips with a car for more than 48 hours.

If you are ready then take a flight to Texas and the reward to the last person slimming the car, will get a free car from Kia Motors.

Kiss a Car
(Pic Source : huffington post)

The contest has already started and people are kissing cars since 7 a.m., the contest, ‘Kiss a Car’ started with 20 people and now it is left down to 11 as people left in between.

Fortunately, one has 10 minute break each hour and the contestants are saying, the noses are red and it is miserable but still some are hanging so that their name is going to be announced as the winner in the random list.

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