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Fat Releasing Habits to Help You Slim Down Without Exercise

Prefer Low-Calorie Foods

Whenever you take food, always make sure you take low-calorie food. Meaning of high cal food is weight gain and hence  check on the intake of amount of calories should be noted and also maintain the required energy levels. You love high Calorie food as everyone does but one can replace high-calorie foods like meat, nuts, oils, butter, chocolate etc., with low-calorie food items like vegetables, fruits, grains, low-cal meat etc.

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8 Quick and Easy way to Deal with Upper Lip Hair

Threading is a great option when it comes to getting away all the black hairs on upper lip, making it dull and unclean. It sometime can be a bit painful, but you can easily bear the pain once you have done it. It is just like eye brow threading. You can go to any parlour for taking off the upper lip hairs or can do it yourself if you know how to use the thread for threading.

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Health Benefits of Frozen Lemons

1. Counteract Effects of Chemotherapy:

The cancer patients who are under chemotherapy process faces many side effects. To reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, the frozen lemon concept is very helpful. The peel of the fruit has rich medicinal values and has the power to control cancer cells growth.

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10 Butt Exercise For Tighter Butt

The walking Lunge: Stand on your feet together and hold the dumbbells on your shoulder. Take a step forward and bend your knees. Both the knees should be bend at 90 degree angle and the front thigh should be parallel to the floor, keeping your knee behind your toes. Do this process for both feet.

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