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Natural Packs to Cure Blemishes

  1. Tomato Pack :

Tomato is an excellent for skin and eating tomatoes provides us natural sun protection from UV rays as well as promotes youthful skin to us.
And it is very rich in antioxidants and helps our skin to look young and new for long.
To make this pack, Grind few tomatoes and add a teaspoon of honey in that as honey is also having the anti-bacterial properties.

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  1. Concentration Meditation: In this you are focusing on the single point, it can be done by reciting the mantra or simply staring at the candle or counting beads or mala. When you start performing this the mind becomes restless after few minutes only but it is necessary to bring it back to the core. It is challenging and you need to practice a lot to become a master.Initially, you should start with few minutes and then gradually begun with longer durations. The key is to let go the random thoughts, this improves the ability to concentrate on single focal point.

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