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Eye Liner Tricks

Eye liner is one of the most basic steps of doing your eye makeup. It gives you the freedom to work on the shape of your eyes, emphasize them and fill in any sparse looking lashes. It depends on the texture of the eyeliner and your preference as to how you’d like to apply this – clearly defined or smudged – it looks great either ways.

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Easy Tips to Improve Your Eye-Sight

In Today’s life, vision problem is becoming the common disease especially with the teenagers, because Mobile phones have transformed into a basic human obligation for them. As we all are spending hours in reading, texting and playing games on our mobile phones. In this process our eyes get strained, due to this we suffer with the weak eye-sight problem and sometimes, it leads to partial blindness. And the common symptoms of weak eye-sight are: blurry vision, frequent headaches and watery eyes.

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The most beautiful features on a woman’s face is her eyes. Therefore, they used Eye shadow which is used to highlight the eyes. The eye shadow should be chosen according to the occasion, the time of day, the tone of your skin, the color of your hair, and, the color of your eyes.

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