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Amazing Hacks to Make Your Life Easy

Human being are messy and like to complicate things. We are lazy and like to find shorthand hacks to make our life easier and smooth. LikeWike team has found some useful life hack to make your daily life routine easier and interesting.

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10 Best DIY Creative Fruit Art

Everyone love fruits and summer is the best time to enjoy all fruits. So why not you add some fun or art in serving food. When you are setting up table for a party or for simple dinner with family then you can try to decorate your table with these fruit arts and surely you’ll get compliments from your guests and family members. Here we have some fruit art ideas, some are very simple but some requires time and skills:

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DIY Top Idea

DIY Top Ideas, Made from Old Clothes

DIY clothes are in trend now days. They are fun to wear because they are versatile. If you think to buy new trendy or fashionable outfit, they are bit higher in price so why not take your old clothes which you don’t wear anymore and turn them into new trendy outfit. It’s much easier than you’d think without spending much money.

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Best Homemade Stamp Ideas for Kids

Most kids love stamping, Does your kid love stamping? Dipping a stamp into paint and making marks all over a page or on floor, wall or anywhere. But the rubber stamps which are available in market are bit higher in price so i thought to make some stamps using random household items because I love homemade toys, it would be a great fun for you and your child because you can customize the stamp according to your interest of child.

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DIY Travel Hacks

Best DIY Travel Hacks

I admit I could travel and won’t Stop, but one thing will stop me and that is my lack of packing skills but now I have learnt about this a lot and hope this blog will help you too.

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Hairstyles for Girls

Elegant and Easy Hairstyles for Girls

Hairstyles looks extremely stylish, elegant and often when we go in the morning to work then our only key, is to just brush the hairs and it looks fine for us. Brushing plainly and then putting the simple clutch, is not the only style.

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