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DIY Paper Allium Flowers


  1. Allium template
  2. Tacky Glue
  3. Fine crepe in “French Violet”
  4. Heavy crepe in “Eggplant” and fine crepe in “Olive Green”
  5. 18 inch lengths of 18 and 20 gauge stem wire
  6. Paper scissors
  7. Wire snips
  8. Small awl
  9. Optional: millinery stamens that coordinate with your paper colour
  10. One 1.5” polystyrene ball
  11. One 18″ length of vinyl tubing 3/8” outer diameter, ¼” inner diameter. (Home Depot and Lowe’s both carry it in the plumbing department)


For the stem:

Cut a 15” length of tubing at a very sharp angle. This pointy end will be the top of your stem, and you’ll insert the point into the polystyrene ball to help anchor the stem. Cut three of the 18 gauge wires so that they’re 16” long. Insert the wires into the length of tubing to hold your stem fairly straight while you wrap it.

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There is something inherently sophisticated about hanging picture frames on one’s walls. Perhaps it’s because they lend a space some semblance of intent, rather than the feeling that random bits have been thrown together. Unfortunately, many rentals and dorms restrict frame use because of rules forbidding nails or tacks. Additionally, frames can be cumbersome to move and ones that aren’t from the dollar store can be quite costly.

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DIY Beaded Earrings

The pretty color layers of the seed beads make them so beachy boho. They are super easy to make, all you need are earring hoop findings, jewelry wire, and colorful seed beads. Let’s go make some trendy earrings!

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Teen Bedroom Idea

Today’s teenagers are design-conscious and up to date on the latest trends. But they’re torn between childhood and adulthood. Most teens have beloved toys they’re not ready to give up, but look for a room that’s older and more sophisticated than their childhood room.

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Easy DIY Clothing Hacks and Tips

There are always a few special must know DIY project that will inspire you and will help you with everyday clothing routine. The most interesting thing about the presented tips and hacks below is that these DIYs are money-savers and handy things you need to know and will help us with all of the dilemmas you have with your bra straps, tight jeans, and uncomfortable shoes.

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Reuse your Old Jeans, create a ‘Denim Pocket Organizer’

It happens to everyone, eventually. You’ve lived in them, patched them, maybe even cut them off. But despite your best efforts, it’s time to kiss your beloved blue jeans goodbye. Denim is the best fabric ever and should never be thrown out. So, before you kick them to the plastic bin on the curb, consider this creative option to give your beloved Levi’s a second chance.

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Display your photos in Heart-shape

Do you scroll through Tumblr, wanting to have a room exactly like the pictures you see? Ever wanted to have a room which has a background which can easily be used for your Instagram photos? Well, just watching won’t do any good. Start with a simple room decor and let’s try to achieve that target.

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Kitchen Organization and Safety

1. Combat cross contamination

Have two cutting boards—one for raw meat, one for everything else. It’ll help separate uncooked meat juices (ewie) from raw fruit and veggies, keeping you and your family safe from cross contamination. If you’re extra ambitious, purchase two different colored boards so there’s no confusion.

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Amazing Hacks to Make Your Life Easy

Human being are messy and like to complicate things. We are lazy and like to find shorthand hacks to make our life easier and smooth. LikeWike team has found some useful life hack to make your daily life routine easier and interesting.

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