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Sunny Leone’s look for her next ‘amazing project’ will leave you stunned

Bollywood’s sultry goddess Sunny Leone has made us excited for her next project and here’s why. The 36-year-old actor put up some interesting pictures on her Instagram handle where she can be seen in the process of applying prosthetics for her upcoming ‘amazing project.’ While Sunny is unrecognisable in the pictures, fans have been losing calm over what project she is talking about.

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How Your Thoughts and Emotions Impact the Environment

We the humans are the God’s ultimate creation. The things that separate us from other animals and creatures are our memory, intellect and thought process. The environment that we see from our eyes is inside us. We are made of the same five elements which have created the whole world. We get results according to our actions/karma and our actions are controlled by our mind and our mind is full of thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  The things we are seeing today and the situations which we are facing now are only because of our thoughts and ideas converted into actions.

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The 10 best Sidney Sheldon novels

Hollywood producer and American writer, Sidney Sheldon has been a crime fiction and thriller writer, an unmatched idol among millions of readers. He is famous for his spicy thrillers that are covered with emotion, envy, crime, and mystery.

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