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Beat the heat with these summer food

Beat the Heat with these Summer Foods

Summer in India is sweaty affair, especially in north india because it is very hottest part of india. So it is very important to take proper diet in summer to beat the diseases like dehydration, diarrhea, vomiting etc. Water may become your best friend to fight with dehydration but it is not enough because our body requires a special diet to keep our system cool.

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7 Tastes of New Orleans for Less than $ 10

New Orleans, is a heaven for foodies and the food here mate, is expensive and delicate. By delicate I mean, some of the delicacies are served here and those are not available anywhere in the world. It is a food city and we have cornered some places for you nearby, which serve you delicious food. So, no worries as we have listed down some the super eating places, nearby you.

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