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12 Surprising Uses of Salt

If something we can’t live without in our life is, that is salt. Salt is an intense part of our life and without salt it is not at all possible for us to survive. Salt adds drama to our lives and taste to our food. Without salt, anything and every cooked vegetable, non vegetable items are tasteless.

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Beat the heat with these summer food

Beat the Heat with these Summer Foods

Summer in India is sweaty affair, especially in north india because it is very hottest part of india. So it is very important to take proper diet in summer to beat the diseases like dehydration, diarrhea, vomiting etc. Water may become your best friend to fight with dehydration but it is not enough because our body requires a special diet to keep our system cool.

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5 Nutella Food Hacks You Must Know

Nutella is lifeline of many people, for the chocolate lovers and for anyone who is die heart fan of Nutella. Few of the most yummilicious recipes from Nutella are given below. For few it is a commercial brand made up of hazel nut and chocolate but for some it is actually from heaven.

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11 Must Try Dishes In Holi

Holi food tradition is ages ago,as the colours and food both are essential condiments of this festival.Some of the traditional and ethnic foods are sweet spiced milk, mawa filled dumplings called gujiya,dahi bhalle, tikki, bhaang ke pakore and many more.

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