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Top 6 Place to have LIP SMACKING Street Food IN Mumbai

1.Pav Bhaji

Target – Sardar’s

In medieval times, it was made for laborers as they have not much time with them and in a hurry they put all the veggies n masala in the pot along with some sprinkle some seasoning and here’s Bhaji is ready. Today, it is available across India but some places offer really special food. You agree on that so it is Sardar’s Pav Bhaji. It is located near Mumbai Central Station, just a 5 minute walk. Hidden careful behind the white barriers like a lady in veil but ask any passerby they will guide and you are on your target. You order your food and within minute’s two steels plates will arrive, one will have vegetable masala bhajiwith a dollop of butter on it and for the buns, they are fluffy enough to melt in your mouth. Just dig in and enjoy the delicacy of Mumbai.

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