Food & Drink | LikeWike - Part 3

Kid-friendly Indian Recipes

1. Indian Style Sandwiches

With fillings ranging from chutneys to pickles and healthy veggies to paneer (cottage cheese), they leave you satisfied both in the taste and nutrition departments. Perfect for school lunch boxes.

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Easy to cook Indian dishes

Some of the best Indian dishes are those that are kept simple. Check out these easy Indian recipes that are perfect for you if you are an at-home cook or want to cook something in a jiffy. Just one bite of any of these dishes, and you’ll be a fan.

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Can you tell me one thing that’s better than cake? No? It’s cheesecake!! Even better if it’s a hassle free no bake cheesecake. If you are a vegetarian, the cherry on the top is if it’s eggless. Well, that was just a figure of speech, there certainly aren’t any cherries in this cheesecake for sure. So, today we bring you an easy no bake eggless blueberry cheesecake recipe.

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Homemade Coffee Creamers

As any caffeine junkie knows, coffee isn’t something to be messed with. But that doesn’t mean you have to spring for a $6 latte every time you want something better than drip. There’s an easy middle ground, and it starts with making your own healthy coffee creamer. These homemade coffee creamers will add more flavor to your morning joe than a splash of milk or half-and-half, without weighing it down with syrup and tons of sugar. Add one (or a few!) to your Sunday meal-prep routine for better brews all week.

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5 Simple Kitchen Hacks

Here are the Kitchen hacks which will act as your life saviour.

1. De-skin potatoes without a peeler

Time to ditch the peeler again! Peel a potato in a snap by boiling it and then giving it an ice bath. The skin will separate from the potato center and you can pick it right off.

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