Food & Drink | LikeWike - Part 5

Theme Restaurants in Delhi

1. Social Offline Cafe- (Urban/Collaborative Workspace Theme)

Oh, Cafe? Workplace? or should we call it a Workbar? Well, Social is one Urban hangout with a blend of cafe & workplace that has created a kick amongst the Delhiites. Situated in Hauz Khas Village and next to Delhi Art Gallery, you will find people of different coterie at Social. Having said that, it is known for its ridiculously tasty Cocktails and Music.

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Oh! You’ve got to try the food, people tell you when you book a trip to — well, practically anywhere these days. This is, in one sense, self-evident: A person cannot live on bottled water alone. But it also speaks to how much our tongues and bellies shape our view of the rest of the world. Your friends may not have been to Thailand, but they do know the wonders of pad Thai and green papaya salad. They may not have been to Beirut, but just ask their opinion on what makes great hummus.

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10 Places in India with the best Street Food

Food from around the country!! See that warm smile that has crept to your face and the drool that has started doing the rounds of your mouth? We’ve spotted a fellow foodie. If you were a little disillusioned about what regional foods are good and which you could travel all the way across the country for, here is our comprehensive list for you. Keep your bucket list ready and add any, some or all of the under to the list!

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Must Visit Cafes in Delhi

Cafes with appealing interiors and cozy settings have a charm of their own and come on, don’t we all love spending time with a cup of coffee, good food and not to forget, great company (including books since they don’t disappoint us; at least 80% of times).

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