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OnePlus made its name creating beautiful phones with terrific specs, sold for a fraction of the cost of other major flagships. The upcoming OnePlus 6 should continue that trend, but what will it look like? How much will it cost?

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Best Android phone in India right now

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is an extremely powerful smartphone, but unlike the S9, this one’s meant for big screen lovers. It has a 6.2 inch QHD display and Samsung’s AMOLED panels look as good as ever. It carries the same design as the Galaxy S8 and is the most ergonomic big screen smartphone today. To make a long story short, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ is the smartphone to buy if big screen and attractive looks are your priorities. All this makes the Samsung Galaxy S9+, the best among all the Android mobile phone in India.

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How to Speed up USB file transfer

Tip 1: Speed up computer

Your computer performance makes the huge impact on data transfer speed. Better RAM, better processor and virus free system always improves data transfer speed. Though you cannot improve your processor, you can upgrade your RAM and you can remove malware. Do remember while upgrading RAM, you must check RAM compatibility with your motherboard.

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In first speech as Congress chief, Rahul Gandhi assails ‘politics of hate’

Taking over the reins from his mother Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi Saturday sought to paint the political narrative of the BJP as a vehicle of hate and present the Congress party’s journey as a caravan of love. His party, the new Congress president said, had brought India into the 21st century, while Prime Minister Narendra Modi was taking it back to a “medieval past”.
As party workers set off a seemingly unending burst of celebratory firecrackers outside the Congress’s 24 Akbar Road headquarters, Rahul drew a comparison with what he said was the BJP’s inflammatory politics.
“You have an example before you. Ek baar aag lag jaati hai, to usey bujhana bahut mushkil hota hai,” he said. “This is what we are trying to make the BJP people understand. Ek baar aapne desh main aag lagaa di, to usko bujhana bahut mushkil hota hai. Today, the BJP is trying to spread fire and violence across the country, and there is only one force that can stop it — the workers of the Congress and its leaders.
“They divide, we unite. They ignite fires, we douse them. They show anger, we show love. That is the difference between us and them,” Rahul said.

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JioPhone delivery: Where is the JioPhone that you booked? Diwali delivery possible

Ideally, by now people who had booked the JioPhone in August would have got it. Originally, these people were supposed to get the device in the first week of September. But delays happened. It was never officially announced, but the delivery date moved to mid-September, then to September 21 and then finally first week of October. That time is also gone now and JioPhone is yet to reach majority of people who had booked it, although some have got it.
The plan, according to reports, was that Jio will deliver over 6 million JioPhone units by October 10. After that it was also supposed to re-start the pre-booking process for the JioPhone. This is a popular device, largely because it is effectively free, and there are a number of people waiting for it. But now it seems that the delivery date for the 6 million units of JioPhone has been moved to Diwali and pre-booking too will restart after Diwali.

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Apple Launches iPhone X: 10 Things To Know About New iPhone

Apple Inc. on Tuesday launched the much-awaited iPhone X, the 10-year anniversary edition of Apple’s pioneering touch-screen mobile. Apple’s iPhone X, among the latest entrants in the iPhone series of smartphones, will be clad in glass and stainless steel and will come loaded with features including facial recognition unlocking. The iPhone X will also feature an edge-to-edge display termed as “the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone” by chief executive Tim Cook. The iPhone maker touted the new device – iPhone X – as the next generation of mobile computing.

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