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iOS 11 at WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) 2017: 11 Features That Make it Apple’s Biggest iOS Update to Date

This year developer conference was able to surprise its audience. Starting from, removal of 32 bit apps or brand new announcement of iOS 11 update. The iOS 11 update which is now available as a Developer Beta Preview will be available for all this fall probably around the same time that Apple announces its next iPhone.

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NFS is All Set to Bang in Your New Gaming Section: EA

Gamers alert!!

Your favourite game NFS is going to launch it new series NFS 2017 (NEED FOR SPEED). A game which gave speed in your life is going to pace up now with its new version. The game publisher Ghost town hasn’t announced its leaks yet and taking precaution which has already created buzz in the gamer zone.

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3 Ways to Keep Your Private Photos off the iCloud

It is not that celebrity is the people concerned about the privacy, every individual does,be it is personal photos or any kinda of photos. That’s your personal photos, and if you don’t want to post your personal photos or family photo that’s your decision.
But there are some hacks by which, you can turn off iCloud backup and keep them private.

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People Hate New Whatsapp’s Update

It was terrifying morning for everyone who were using Whatsapp as everyone in your friend’s list, can see your status update. Now, you can also upload videos and pictures and latest status is visible to all, so now it is,”Good bye “to simple text messages.

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How to install WhatsApp Beta?

The new beta version of WhatsApp is here and in that, you can do live updates and editing also. This was not available in the previous WhatsApp. How to install the beta version, on the Windows phone is bit tricky, but we are taking you through it.

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5 Best Video Editing Apps for Your iPhone

The power of iPhone can never be underestimated and now they have become more electrifying with the efficient cameras and these cameras, can even shoot 4k videos, the iPhones have the ability to make videos and also to edit them which is phenomenal. For the editing part of the videos on iPhone, we are giving you 5 options of best video editing apps.

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