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How Your Thoughts and Emotions Impact the Environment

We the humans are the God’s ultimate creation. The things that separate us from other animals and creatures are our memory, intellect and thought process. The environment that we see from our eyes is inside us. We are made of the same five elements which have created the whole world. We get results according to our actions/karma and our actions are controlled by our mind and our mind is full of thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  The things we are seeing today and the situations which we are facing now are only because of our thoughts and ideas converted into actions.

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Women Wore Cow Masks To Question If Cows Are Safer Than Women In India

23-year-old artist Sujatro Ghosh decided to start a project where he got women to wear a cow mask in public places to prove the bovine community has it easier.

“I am perturbed by the fact that in my country, cows are considered more important than a woman, that it takes much longer for a woman who is raped or assaulted to get justice than for a cow which many Hindus consider a sacred animal,” Delhi-based photographer Sujatro Ghosh said.

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Mother And Daughter Duo Donated Their Hairs to Cancer Patients : Bald Is Beautiful

Cancer is horrific and painful. It comes up with unforgettable scars and scary nightmares. One of the massive  problem every patient’s face is loss of hairs after chemotherapy. Hairs define beauty in our society. Hair loss makes these people life worse. We look to them as they don’t belong to us anymore. These things are enough to make them sad deeply.

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