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Choose A Healthy Lifestyle To Be Active At Work

The theme of this years’ World Mental Health Day marked on 10th of October each year is centered around the significance of mental health and well-being at the workplace. It’s relevance in our hectic lifestyle in the contemporary world is definitely undeniable, as our workplace often becomes the source of a lot of pressure and workload. It is evident to note the ever-increasing levels of stress stemming from our workplace in today’s scenario. With the changing lifestyles, increasing competitive nature of the corporate setups, higher stakes involved, it is not unexpected for many of us to have increasingly rising ambitions and desires for our career.

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How Your Thoughts and Emotions Impact the Environment

We the humans are the God’s ultimate creation. The things that separate us from other animals and creatures are our memory, intellect and thought process. The environment that we see from our eyes is inside us. We are made of the same five elements which have created the whole world. We get results according to our actions/karma and our actions are controlled by our mind and our mind is full of thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  The things we are seeing today and the situations which we are facing now are only because of our thoughts and ideas converted into actions.

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Stop smoking

6 Smart Tactics to Help You ‘How to Give up Smoking’?

It is absolutely not simple to kick the butt. You could have executed more than a few attempts by now and could now be almost confident that you can in no way act devoid of smoking. The cigarette would taste like your friend for the duration of your inglorious instances and your anxiety facilitator once you are tired. But, friend it is to you, it never is a pursuer to your well being. Your body dislikes it like you dislike your enemies. It shrinks consistently you fire one. It could be reporting this to you in symptoms like common coughs and difficulty in inhalation but are you hearing to it?

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What Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Staying in a relationship is not that easy for both girl and the guy. If you are into a relationship then you will know what kind of girlfriend you are. Your character does not work according to you, but you work according to your sun sign. Sun signs rules our character and it is observed that people having same sun sign have some traits in common.

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What Happens When You Sleep Drunk

One more non-pharmacological product used to help with sleeplessness is alcohol. It is not suggested by doctors but it is commonly used to cure sleeplessness. Many people use alcohol to help them sleep at night. What they don’t understand is that it will help them fall asleep but when they have digested alcohol two to three hours later than falling asleep, it will lead to discontinuity of their sleep.

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