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Things You Shouldn’t Put Off Until Tomorrow In Your 20s


Things first: Don’t put off cleaning your space. Being in your 20s means you moved into your first apartment or are learning to live on your own. It’s important that you get down a routine for dusting, vacuuming, and doing your laundry — before the bad habits start.

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Not Ready for a Relationship? Legitimate Reasons Why It’s Okay

You’re almost used to it by now. You tell people you’re not interested in dating. They give a puzzled expression followed by one of remorse for the life you have chosen to live alone. The truth is, being single is totally cool. There is more to life than dating and getting married. These are some of the most common reasons why people are putting the kibosh on shacking up.

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Habits of Incredibly Happy Women

1. Happy women make it a habit to maintain routines.
When you know what to expect from your day, simple things make it joyful. A friend showing up at the exercise class you always go to is happy. A stranger opening the door for you during your grocery run is, too. Your kids being ready five minutes early brings a smile to your face. When you know your routine well, you know what to realistically expect from it, how to maneuver its challenges and how to find joy within what pops up in it.

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A Guide to Grow Up and Face Life like an Adult

1. Listen to advice. You are not as knowledgeable about life as you might think. This is not asking you to follow all advice but to listen to advice. Sure, not all the advice that people give you may work on your problem. But it gives you the idea on how they managed to deal with their own problems in their own way.

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Easy Ways to Feel Unapologetically Confident

1. Speak kindly to yourself.

If you let your inner critic do all the talking, of course she’s going to chip away at your self-esteem. Make a conscious choice to flip the script for the next week and see how dramatically it alters your outlook.

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5 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

Developing mental strength is one of the key elements in leading a happy and successful life. mental strength is a skill that can be learned by anyone. The definition of mental strength varies from one person to another. However, common factors such as focus in the midst of challenges and creating big visions for their life and following through with them.

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