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Top 10 Bikes of the World

  1. Kawasaki Ninja H2R is a bike that bike lovers aspire to own. Believe it or not, it covers 249 miles per hour. This has been named as the fastest production superbike till date. Having 998 cc supercharges DOHC inline-4 engine in it.

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World’s Most Expensive Perfumes for Her

Fragrance is something that attracts everyone that’s why we all use perfumes as it gives an essence. It not only pleases   our mind and also gives a positive effect on people around you. Perfumes are bottled up with the fragrant liquid and they are made up from different essential oils. It is always feels nice to have a sweet fragrance develops around you like an aura.

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How Rich People Live In Dubai

Dubai serves as the capital as well as the Emirate. Dual role for Dubai, it has also emerged as a global city and the business hub too. The capital has Western Revenue structure and the economy is mainly benefited from the tourism, aviation, and real estate and financial services. It is a myth that Dubai has earning through oils, basically it only contributes 5% of the total economy of Dubai.

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