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5 Retro Fashion Trends That Have Made A Comeback

Undoubtedly one of the most comfortable attire one can carry in the present era is jeans. A great way to carry yourself with style, comfort and durability. A good pair of denim is all you need to throw away all other dresses aside while going out in ease. It will help you to get rid of all the other tensions in life.

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10 Amazing Indian Outfits that are Star of any Party

Indian outfits are the most gorgeous and colour filled dresses. Wearing Indian attire at any function or party can bring in that extra grace to your look and personality. The sobriety, the feminism and the ethnic design that the Indian attires carry with it is something beyond comparison with any other western attire. For guys also Indian attire bring a sense of root connection at the same time is comfortable and relaxing.

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How to Look Stylish on Mehndi Ceremony

As the wedding season has already started, choosing out dresses for each occasion to look best is a tough choice. That too on the day of mehndi choosing the right dress to wear is important. On this day bride along friends and family, gets mehndi applied on her hands and legs. Wearing a comfort yet elegant dress on that day is important.

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Western Dresses for Party

Western Dresses for Women

Every country has its own dress codes for different cultures and most of the times ladies are puzzled about what to wear. But in our country India is best known for the colorful and unique dresses. Nowadays, Western dresses are the symbol of elegance as they come in the wide range of designs and styles. Western dresses provides many styles and trends for women like- Gowns, Tube dress, short skirts, Wrap dresses, Cape dresses, sheath dresses, Pencil dresses, Lace- up detail dresses, Off shoulder dresses..

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Short Girl

10 Fashion Cheats and Tips for Short Girls to Look Taller

Being short is not bad for anyone and not at all for the girls. But sometimes, short girls want to look taller. So here are some style tips for them to appear taller. One has to be happy what you have but sometimes we wish to have, what we don’t have.
I have learnt some tricks and tips for the shorter girls to appear taller. Here are some tips to look taller for short and petite girls:

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