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Powerful Habits Before 7 AM

Just think about it.

How many times have you made a plan to start exercising from “tomorrow” and when the next morning comes you hit the snooze button without even thinking of getting up?

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Reasons Sitting Too Long Is Bad For You

With the steady advancement of digital technology, prolonged sitting has become the everyday life of most people at home and in the workplaces. Most people who work in offices spend an average of ten hours a day in front of a computer, which denies them even a little opportunity to exercise throughout the day.

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A Photographer’s Guide to Take a Sexy Picture

1. Keep in mind: Naked is not automatically “sexy.” A common misconception among many is that a nude photo is equal to a sexy photo. Posting a straight nude is like recklessly going all out in a poker game. It get its intended effect at first, but it’s perceived sexiness diminishes later on as there’s nothing left for your audience to see. As you later discover, implied nudity is sexier because it teases and makes your viewers want more.

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Habits that Will Dramatically Transform Your Life for the Better

My advice to you is: change your life if you don`t like it, and do it now, so when you die —which will inevitably happen— you won`t be just a number on the World Birth and Death Rates list. For this reason, I made you a list of five habits that I believe will transform your life in a whole new way if you just stick to thee. Here they are:

1. Stop using the alarm

According to a study published by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, people who get enough sleep (and do it regularly) and happier, healthier and calmer than those who don`t. So, my tip for you is: Stop using the alarm for one week. Why? Because it wrecks your sleep quality. Any time you use the alarm, you simply say, “I`m not getting enough sleep, and I don`t trust my internal alarm so I`ll rely on something external to disrupt my sleep and wake me up.” Keeping the alarm away, however, will encourage you to sleep early. It tells your body to get enough sleep or you won`t wake up early the next day, and maybe be late to work. Now, you`ll go to bed early at 8 or 9 pm., instead of late at 1 or 2 am.

2. Set a day each month to learn from your mistakes

Good Ol` Einstein once said it, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Taking some off time each month to reflect upon your past mistakes is one of the best habits you can ever build. Mainly because it makes you understand what has gone wrong and why you made those wrong choices. You will save tons of time, energy and money, and you`ll be able to make the best out of your mistakes and turn them into opportunities.

If it`s possible, get a journal then, at the end of the month, take a day or two off to reflect upon all the things you`ve written in a 4-week period. Trust me, it will change all you know about yourself.

3. Read every day (even for just five minutes)

Reading makes you smarter because it teaches you the mistakes of those who lived before you. So basically, the more you read, the fewer mistakes you make, and the faster you reach success.

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Ways To Interrupt Your Impulse Shopping Habits

Our impulsive habits come rearing out when it comes to shopping, and sometimes we have no control. Why not get one of those shiny new phones? It just takes a swipe of a card. Unfortunately, behaviour like this often ruins bank accounts and credit ratings. Try a few of these ideas to curb your enthusiasm for retail consumption.

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These Tips Will Help You Sleep Better

Recent studies suggest that compromised sleep have negative effects on learning, cognition, inflammation, immunity, and memory. The same studies believe that bad sleeping habits are also linked to major heart problems, low pain tolerance, and overeating which means if there`s a time you should reconsider you sleeping habits, then that time should be now.

The following are tips that will help you avoid the negative effects resulting from sleep deprivation.

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Easy Tips To Make Exercise A Habit

Studies show that a physical activity is associated with better physical and psychological outcomes. The range of benefits, which bring exercises, is wide: from the improvement of health, sleep patterns, mood states, energy levels to the elimination of signs of anxiety, stress, and depression.

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Steps to a Healthy Bank Account

You know the feeling, the ups and downs. Money comes in, you celebrate. Money goes out again and you stress, wondering if there is enough to pay the rest of the bills, like that unexpected trip to the vet or the quarterly insurance premium that seems to come due way too often.

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