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Latest News : 29th March

IIFA: A Star Studded Affair

The second edition of the International Indian Film Academy awards (IIFA) has a stylish start and it was star studded affair. Scores of actors have shine down in the Hotel Park Hyatt, for the brief media conference and what to expect in next two days. This is biggest celebration of south Indian cinema- IIFA Utsavam.

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Latest News : 27th March

‘Baahubali’ Item Girl with Mega Hero

Model Madhu Sneha was seeing to the dance number of ‘Baahubali’ has bagged a new item song in the movie ’Mister’, this movie is directed by Varun Tej. For this a special set has been created in Hyderabad.

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Latest News : 25th March

Truth about Ram Sethu is discovered

The Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) is completely geared up to ward off the controversy behind Ram Sethu. It is said that this bridge is build during Ramayana Era and also known as Adam’s Bridge. It has to be discovered that, is this a man made structure which Lord Rama and his army build to rescue Sita or simply a shoal of limestone.

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Latest News : 24th March

Tamil writer Ashokmitran dies at 85

Celebrated Tamil writer Ashokmitran dies at the age of 85 in Chennai on Thursday. He was one of the influential figures of Tamil literature and he has also worked in Gemini Studios for more than a decade.

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