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IPL Auction Tamil Nadu Wager’s Son Turns Crorepati, T.Natarajan

The real story of rags to riches is here, if you want to know how one becomes. Let’s see the real life story of T. Natarajan, a son of a wager in Tamil Nadu and a left arm pacer hoping to get himself in the list of IPL. His base price was 10 lakh and the 25 year old was bit petrified from the fact will he be chosen in the IPL or not but it seems that lady luck is on his side.

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Latest News : 15th February

First Crisis on Board for Trump

It seems that troubles for Donald Trump are never ending as he is going to tell Vladimir Putin, Russian President to stop Russian expansion. It is likely due to the unrest in Ukraine, where Putin and his proxy militia outfits have destabilized the Government. This is like onset of real foreign policy and how Putin going to react on this, is the real question.

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