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Why Do Orgasms Feel So Good?

Yes, there is a real reason that explains why orgasms feel so amazing. It has more to do with science and human evolution than you may think, too. If you thought orgasms were purely for the joy, think again. So why do orgasms feel so good? Here’s what science has to say.

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Why do men get random boners?

1. Random arousing thoughts. Sometimes, a man’s mind does wander into deep, dark places. In your daily dose of musings, your memory might stumble upon the image of your crush wearing a skimpy bikini or a really good porn scene. These kinds of fleeting images easily trigger a boner at an inconvenient time if your imagination decides to take a naughty turn.

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15 unknown facts about lipstick

1. Feminists wear red lipstick

When women were fighting for the right to vote, feminists like suffragettes Charlotte Perkins Gilman wore red lipstick to ensure equality. If you are fighting for a political right, wearing red lipstick can be the best choice.

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Mind blowing facts about Orgasm that you’d never imagine

1. Men’s and Women’s Orgasms Are Similar—but Not the Same. According to a research, both women and women go through each phase of the sexual response cycle, consisting of: desire (libido), arousal (excitement), orgasm and resolution. However, the timing is usually different for men and women.

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How do erections happen?

We need to understand the overall process and factors that contribute to getting an erection. To put the process simply, think of it as a burglar alarm. It goes off when a specific kind of situation takes place. Boners occur when specific kinds of stimuli trigger certain physical mechanisms, telling the male body that it’s time to get a boner.

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The five most addictive substances and what they do to your brain

What are the most addictive drugs? This question seems simple, but the answer depends on whom you ask. From the points of view of different researchers, the potential for a drug to be addictive can be judged in terms of the harm it causes, the street value of the drug, the extent to which the drug activates the brain’s dopamine system, how pleasurable people report the drug to be, the degree to which the drug causes withdrawal symptoms, and how easily a person trying the drug will become hooked.

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