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Most Beautiful and Best Beaches in the World

Hello, fellas, hope your fight with summers is going well!!! Mine is going super fine because i am packing up my backpack to visit some of the beaches. Roaming around beaches with your friends or the person you like most can be best definition of vacation or I say, summer vacation. If you are not excited yet, let  me put some chills in you by telling about some of the best beaches around you which you visit ASAP.

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5 Cities That Are Setting Trends in Smart City Development

As everyone says, smartness don’t have a definition neither does it have a parameter to measure. When we talk about smart cities, what do we actually mean? Smart cities are an urban vision to integrate information and communication technology (ICT) and internet of things (IoT) technology in a secure fashion to manage a city’s assets. This is the dictionary meaning of smart city.

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12 Surprising Uses of Salt

If something we can’t live without in our life is, that is salt. Salt is an intense part of our life and without salt it is not at all possible for us to survive. Salt adds drama to our lives and taste to our food. Without salt, anything and every cooked vegetable, non vegetable items are tasteless.

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Cutest dog breed

Cutest Dog Breeds in the World

Dogs are referred as human’s best friend because they are usually playful, friendly and loyal to humans. There are approx 800 breeds of dogs and there is no doubt about the fact that dogs are adorable and cute in their own way. That’s why some of these dog breeds are very popular in greeting cards, commercials and other marketing materials.

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Rarest Fruit

Rarest And Tastiest Fruits In The World You Probably Haven’t Even Heard Of

Fruits are one of the tasty, healthiest and nutritious food which you can add to your daily diet. There are many rare and nutrient fruits available in the world some are sweet and some are sour in taste. We eat all the fruits which are commonly present in market like banana, mango, grapes, apple and pineapple etc but  there are many rare fruits which are not available in the market because they grows under some specific conditions like soil, climate…

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