Relationship | LikeWike - Part 13

Happy Chocolate Day: Wonderful Treat for your Loved One

As we know, Valentine week has started, so Chocolate Day is the third day of the Valentine’s week and it’s the day where, couples gift each other chocolates, as this is an expression of love. One can express their true love by giving boxful of Chocolates to his love. It ignites the feelings of passion and romanticism, which is stronghold of any relationship in the world. And the most attractive form of chocolates for gifting can be: Almond Chocolates, Swiss Chocolates, Cadbury Chocolates or we can also give the handmade chocolates.

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7 Best Ways to Propose on Propose Day

Singles will be proposing on this day and the couples we will strengthen their vows. On the second day, of the Valentine Week, incidentally it is called Propose Day also. You can express your feelings on this day; it can be acceptation and rejection too, so don’t be disheartened as it is not the end of the world and don’t be elated too.

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HAPPY ROSE DAY: Each Rose has a Meaning

One should express his or her love, daily to the beloved but sometimes we have special day and week i.e. Valentine’s Week and the valid reason to express love. However, in the Valentine’s week every nation is completely gripped and some countries have declared it as a Holiday. Holy Christ, Love is celebrated with splendor…..

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