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Best Laptops For Gaming, College, Work & Almost Every Need!

15-inch laptops

Acer Aspire E 15

A 15-inch laptop is the perfect halfway size for those who use their computers for work as well as personal use. Therefore, these machines are a hybrid between the power required for getting your professional tasks done combined with the necessary screen size and graphics for home entertainment and leisure.

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Vodafone Romania includes Smart X9 flagship in the smartphones offer

Vodafone has launched the Vodafone Smart X9, company’s latest flagship that offers top technology including an advanced camera, impressive all-screen design and high-performance Octa-core processor. The smartphone is designed and tested by Vodafone in Germany and it is available in Vodafone Romania’s smartphones offer in a stylish metallic Black Tungsten colour version.

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OnePlus 6T Price in India Starts at Rs. 37,999

OnePlus 6T has officially been launched in the Indian market carrying a price tag of Rs. 37,999 for the entry-level variant. The smartphone was first unveiled globally on Monday at an event in New York, however, at the time, no India price was revealed by the company. At an event in New Delhi’s KDJW Stadium, OnePlus officially announced the OnePlus 6T price in India, release date, and launch offers for early buyers. A mid-cycle refresh, the OnePlus 6T succeeds the OnePlus 6 that was launched in May this year. It has some new features compared to its predecessor, as well as a controversial removal — the headphone jack.

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How to respect women *ALWAYS*

No one is perfect. And yes, men shouldn’t have to watch everything they say about women or to women. And yes, not ALL men are disrespectful or harassing or have ill intent. But those that are all those things have made it a priority for the good men to do even better.

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Martyr Complex: How to Recognize Itt

Rarely do people with the martyr complex behave as they do for purely selfless reasons. Even those who die for religion, do so to earn their place in heaven, don’t they? So, what is it that we gain when we behave as a martyr? We get the privilege of being better than others, and subconsciously believe we deserve being liked.

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Bisexual stereotypes you need to know

Most people understand the concept of homosexuality. When it comes to bisexuality, confusion reigns, and they can’t comprehend what it means exactly. Sexuality runs on a spectrum. On both extremes, you have heterosexuality and homosexuality. It’s not so black and white.

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