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Travel-blogging parents use maternity leave to see the world with their family

In 2014, ten weeks after having their first child, Karen Edwards and Shaun Bayes decided to make the most of maternity leave, packing up their belongings, renting out their London home and hitting the road for an adventure that took them across New Zealand and South East Asia, all with newborn daughter Esmé in tow. Karen’s unique experiences led to her starting a successful blog called Travel Mad Mum, where she offered advice and information to other parents and would-be-adventurers. And now, having had a second baby in June, Karen and Shaun have done the exact same thing again, this time heading to Central and South America with the now three-year-old Esmé and the latest addition, four-month-old Quinn.

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The Trouble with the New US North Korea Travel Ban

As the war of words between Washington and Pyongyang has escalated, the window of opportunity for Americans and North Koreans to actually interact directly with one another – small as it was to begin with – is closing. On September 1, the State Department restricted the use of U.S. passports to enter North Korea. Three weeks later, the Trump administration added North Korea to the list of countries whose nationals are barred from entering the United States.
To be sure, the number of people affected by either of these twin North Korea travel bans is relatively small, and the ban on North Korean entry to the United States will not have the same far-reaching consequences as the bans on entry from other, predominantly Muslim, countries has had. But as part of a long-term strategy to promote change within North Korea, the United States should be actively encouraging contact with the North Korean people – not arbitrarily
restricting it.

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Independence Day 2017: 2 Iconic Food Places in Delhi from Pre-Independent India

Independence Day is celebrated on 15th August every year to commemorate the freedom we attained in the year 1947 from British colonisation. This year, it marks the 70th year of independence, so it gives us an even bigger reason to celebrate. How about revisiting some of the iconic eateries from pre-independent India that have stood the test of time? There’s no better place than Old Delhi to get a glimpse of the bygone era. Purani Dilli boasts of many such food joints that have witnessed an India before independence. The narrow and crowded gullies of Old Delhi speak of the olden times if you care enough to listen. Similarly, when British architect Edwin Lutyens started design and construction of the capital in early 20th century, Delhi or ‘New Delhi’got a thousand more tales to tell. Let us take you through some of the oldest yet iconic food places in Delhi –

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How Travel Relaxes You

Travelling is an excellent way to discharge anxiety as it gets you out from your troubles. Simply scheduling a tour holds your mind off the stuff that can disturb you. Fantasizing about where you’re planning to travel and what you will visit as soon as you arrive there can get your mind off from serious problems that lead to insomnia, excessive blood pressure, and nervousness.

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Best Places to Visit in summer in India

Best Places to Visit in Summer in India

No other country can beat India in tourism, whether it is  Culture, traditions or climate. India has various vacation spots for different seasons. The temperature is very high in summer in many areas of India and the burning heat makes everyone run for cover. India has some best and beautiful places where you can beat the heat.

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