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Chinese Therapy with Ice Can Reduce All Your Pains

We usually do not worry about regular pains that are insignificant to meet a physician. That’s where we make a mistake. We will not even recognize when these pains may develop to turn out to be lifetime difficulties. Though here is valuable information. To hold them off, you do not require visiting a physician. All you need is a handkerchief, a zip plug bag and ice cubes.

(Pic Source : Keep Your Body)
(Pic Source : Keep Your Body)
  • Reality Behind the Chinese Therapy – Place Ice on Feng Fu Point

In the backside of your neck, there is a small swell, right at the exact bottom of your hairline. That small point at the exact end of your hairline is named a Feng Fu point. It really shows a relationship with your spine and your spine goes into your physical legs. It is situated between the two tendons on the backside of your neck. More exactly, it is hole-like point where your neck and head join. This is the point which in Chinese acupuncture is named Feng Fu or Wind Mansion point. By placing ice cubes on this point, it can help to rectify various diseases.

Reality behind the Chinese therapy – Place Ice on Feng Fu Point
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If you habitually place ice on this point, it will actually revitalise your body, it will cure many diseases and you will be recovered, more enthusiastic and full of life.

  • The Procedure for Placing Ice on Back of Neck (Feng Fu point)

The first thing you have to do is you need to lie down on your abdomen. Take an ice cube. Deposit that ice cube in zip plug bag and zip it up. Place it right on that point on your neck. Take a hankie and then tie it around your neck. You can use hankie/bandana to hold the ice cube in place.

In the beginning, it is going to be really cold. But after a little while what’s going to happen is the ice is going to start to seam very hot to you in that point in your neck. You need to lie down and you need to relax with it. You should do this night by night before you go to couch and you should do it for twenty minutes or until the ice melts.

The Procedure for placing ice on back of neck (Feng Fu point
(Pic Source : Bridoz)

You should repeat this procedure regularly and you should take like two or three days off in between and then two or three days on. Therefore, you need to make sure you do two days on and two days off. You need to make sure you do it before you go to bed at night.

  • The Benefits

It is not possible to catch the cold or the infection if you do it methodically. Because of the iciness you will have an uncomfortable feeling in the beginning. However you will start to experience a burst of warmth at this point after a few seconds.

You may also have feelings of joy in the first couple of times. If you carry out this process, it will start to discharge the endorphin’s in your body. It will start making you live out real good.

The Benefits
(Pic Source : 7 DAYS HEALTHY TIPS)

You will sleep most suitably at night. You will have fewer bad dreams. It will help you to increase your overall energy and emotion. It supports the immune system. It stabilizes your digestive system. It eliminates headaches, tooth aches and joint pain. This process will help your thyroid to function better. It also helps with emotional disorders, anxiety, exhaustion, sadness, sleeplessness and menstrual problems.

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