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Choose Necklaces That Work For Your Neckline

Women are born to flaunt. Every piece of their jewellery, dress or hair needs to be done in such a way that people should admire it with attention. To look good you need to accessorise your look with some cool jewelries that will help you to get special attention in the crowd.

Necklaces are something that will help you to get a whole new look when you wear it with some adaptable neckline. A funda that should be used while you team up your neckpieces with your neckline is that you should go for longer or shorter necklaces depending on the neckline you wear. If you are wearing a deep neckline, go for some short necklace and if you are wearing a short neckline then team it up with longer neckpieces.

You can see such more specific ideas below when you will go through all the points before getting decked up.

  • If you are opting for V neckline then you should definitely try to wear small drop or pendant depending on the deepness of the neckline. A small pendant looks wonderful with such necklines. Keep the chain small so that it does not get over your neckline.
(Pic Source- Pinterest)
(Pic Source- Pinterest)
  • Other way to dress up with V neckline is wearing long neck pieces that will give stylish yet trendy look. You can easily pair it with such type of necklaces that will touch your belly. It is easily available at any accessories shop near to you.
(Pic Source-
(Pic Source-
  • A fuller neck piece is worn when you are putting scoop neck on you. With a scoop neck the best thing that goes is a fuller neckpiece that covers the neck fully and gives a decent yet elegant look.
(Pic Source-
(Pic Source-
  • With a boatneck top all you can pair is high or horizontal necklines. When your neck is almost covered you can easily wear something funky yet good looking on it. it will add that extra charm to your dress and on the whole will make you stand out of the crowd.
(Pic Source - Neiman Marcus)
(Pic Source – Neiman Marcus)
  • A collared button shirt is something that we all have in our closet. It is a trendy yet formal part of our dresses. If you too got one such shirt but want to add that dash in it, then you can easily go for a statement necklace that will be under the collar and only the front part of it will be visible.
(pic source -
(pic source –
  • You can wear some pearl neckpieces under the shirt. In this case also only the front part will be visible, but still I will look nice and chic. You can go for official purpose as well. it will give you a corporate look.
(pic source- Pinterest)
(pic source- Pinterest)
  • If you are in a mood of wearing a square necked outfit then you should go for chokers that are gaining huge popularity in recent time. Every single street shopping destination will give you different types of chokers and chokers with studs which can go well with any kind of outfit, be it ethnic or western.

Neckpieces are something that adds that extra grace to your body and your look. It is a great accessory that if wore with grace can bog down any other accessories at one point of time.

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