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Clean These 5 Dirtiest House Spots Now

Every house has to be clean and we all try for our level best to clean these spots. If you are a clean freak then look for them, as these corners always goes unnoticed. Some of the spots we ignore are the dirtiest spots in the home.

Light Switches

Clean Dirtiest House Spots
(Pic Source –Frugal Family Home )

These are the most unclean place in the house and do you remember when you have cleaned the switches last times. We generally ignore these places and these places habour the germs on the maximum. Clean the switches as this place is where the germs are maximum.

Kitchen Rags

Clean Dirtiest House Spots
(Pic Source –Wales Online )

We clean dishes but we hardly clean rags in fact we never clean rags. Rinse them with the disinfectant and they are preferred to leave overnight in the bucket with the disinfectant.

Taps and Fittings

Clean Dirtiest House Spots
(Pic Source – Guide2Me)

The germs at the tap and fittings are numerous and don’t think that they are splashing water so they are clean. Sometimes you don’t even notice and the mild dew gathers around it. Clean it often as it is main source of living.

Water Tanks

Clean Dirtiest House Spots
(Pic Source – The Water Tank )

When you cleaned your water tank, it is Holi time I think, when you decided to play Holi on terrace and saw all sorts of moss and small herbs growing.

So, clean the water tank from inside and also the area around it as it is highly recommended for the health purposes.

Kitchen Sink

Clean Dirtiest House Spots
(Pic Source-Pinterest)

It is the place, where we clean the dirty utensils and all other sorts of dirty items. But you have to clean the sink also as it is house of germs and bacteria. Take a steel wool and a scrub and clean it thoroughly with the disinfectant.

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