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Coconut Milk Hair Mask

If you have never had any brand loyalty when it comes to hair care, then try this new natural mask, which won’t even cost anything and works as well. This new hair mask will work as a “holy grail” for your hair because it moisturizes well and makes hairs soft and manageable.

Materials Required-

1. 1/3 cup fresh coconut milk

2. 3 tablespoon raw and organic honey

3. 5og Unsalted milk butter

4. 2 tablespoon castor oil


1. Put the butter at the room temperature for about an hour to make it soft, or melt it in a double boiler system.

2. Now, mix all the ingredients in a bowl until smooth and running consistency is formed.

3. Make partitions of your hair and apply the hair mask with your hand or brush.

4. Wear a shower cap to avoid staining of clothes with butter and coconut milk.

5. Keep it overnight or for one hour and wash it off with shampoo.

6. If you are having an oily scalp, don’t apply this mask on it as it can make it oilier. Apply the mask to hairs only.

7. You can use coconut oil or raw cow milk if you don’t have fresh coconut milk.

Do this remedy for twice a week to get soft and manageable hair.

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