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Columbian Plane crashes carrying Brazilian Football team


This is very unfortunate news that plane crash near Columbia it has more than 80 people on board , including Brazil team, Chapecoense among dead.

(Pic Source-Google)
(Pic Source-Google)

This was charter flight which was from Bolivia to Medellin International airport. There is no confirmation of casualties but flight was carrying 72 people on board and 8 crew members. Reports say  there are six survivors including Chapecoense goalkeeper, Alan Rushel & Jakson Follmann is also reported to be among the survivors

(Pic Source-Google)
(Pic Source-Google)

The plane was crashed in Columbia. The team was scheduled to play with Copa Sudamerica with Althetico Nacional on Wednesday in Medellin.

Its International airport authorities have confirmed the reports of crash and said the plane was in the state of serious emergency on the way to city.

(Pic Source-Google)
(Pic Source-Google)

The description of the plane is as follows. It was British Aerospace – 146 short haul aircraft, it started its journey in Sao Paulo, Brazil at 3:35 pm local time in Brazil. It made a stop at the Santa Cruz de la Sierra and later crashed in Columbia.

A state of emergency has been declared in the area and the two Columbian air force helicopters have begun searching for more survivors.

Source: The Guardian

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