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Complete Guide to Visit Disneyland, Situated in Los Angeles

Wish to visit to Disneyland is some people’s dream once in their lifetime. Disneyland is a place for kids and children, but people of all age group like to visit the place because of its charismatic beauty and fun activities.

Disneyland, located in Los Angeles is a great place to experience such activities that you may have never done before. You need a guide if you are a first time traveller to the fantasy world. Here you will come in touch with some of the great ways through which you can easily travel Disneyland with less money, in less time and in the best coverage possible:

  • First and foremost what is important is to grab a ticket to enter Disneyland. There are authorized ticket sellers that will help you to get the original ticket and not the fake ones. Keep in mind to avoid the scams that follow if you are purchasing the ticket from any other source or vendor.
(Pic Source : Vintage Disneyland Tickets - blogger)
(Pic Source : Vintage Disneyland Tickets – blogger)
  • Disneyland helps you to organize or plan any special occasion. They also provide you a special button that reflects the celebration of any occasion over the place. Just pin up the button to get that extra special treatment at any restaurant or any drinking area.
  • Disneyland hosts Christmas parties as well. These events do not require any extra cost and the ticket price is included at the time of admission. You can enjoy ‘it’s a small world’ holiday along with haunted mansion holiday there. It gives a great feeling to get to view all these events.
Disneyland hosts Christmas parties
(Pic Source : Disney World)
  • Your Disneyland visit can be more entertaining if you watch the free vacation planning DVD by Disney that is available. The latest edition is also available and with the help of this DVD you get to know how to organize the trip and which part of the area will be interesting for you and for your kids.
DVD by Disney
(Pic Source : DLP Today)
  • Disneyland also follows certain rules and regulations. Selfie sticks are a complete no in the premises. You cannot take it inside and use it. It is a banned thing and if you are caught with any sneak piece of selfie stick even, you have to face embarrassment and the authorities may throw you out of the place.
No Selfie Stick
(Pic Source : Huffington Post)
  • A provision to visit places easily and without standing in queue is through Fastpass. Visit various places like Peter Pan’s flight at no time or Hyperspae Mountain, all these adventures are available without waiting for your turn through FastPass. Even Radiator Spring Racers can also be visited there.
(Pic Source :
  • The FastPass tickets do have a time limit, but a grace period of 15 min is given to return the pass. If you are a bit late then it is not at all a concern as you still have time to return the card without wasting your extra money.
  • Visiting Disneyland for the first time can be a bit confusing and so you need to prioritise the places of interest and chalk out which place to visit which day. Keep a rough plan ready with the name of the adventures along with the day. This saves time and energy from being a wanderer and wasting your time.
(Pic Source : Utrip)
  • If a foodie like me reaches there then they should have the names of some good restaurants that serve yummy food. Napa Rose and Carthay Circle Restaurants are best places to eat there. The quality and the taste of food is simply lip smacking.
Napa Rose Restaurants
(Pic Source : Tom’s Foodie Blog)
  • Disneyland has two famous parks and both the parks carry baby care stations and first aid centres. The work of baby care station is to take care of the kids and the second one will help you if you have some minor issues.
baby care stations Disneyland
(Pic Source : Reverso Localize)

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