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When it comes to places to visit in Coorg, there is simply just one word that comes out of everyone’s mouth, and that is W-O-W. The coffee heaven of India, also known as the ‘Scotland of India’, Coorg, or as it is administratively known as, Kodagu is a district in the state of Karnataka, India, with a popularity that reaches far and wide, even across borders.This naturally beautiful region in the Western Ghats has no shortage of attractions that leave many a people with their mouth wide open.

Coorg tourist places mostly are famous for being gifted with the nature’s bounty. As far the eyes can go, you will see lush green landscapes, coffee plantations and long lines of hills that sometime penetrate the clouds. In fact, there are some places in Coorg where you can trek to the top and find yourself standing amidst the clouds, sometimes even above, like the Kumara Parvatha. With the temperature being pleasant throughout the year here, Coorg point of interest for tourists are not only limited to being worthy of attention in the rainy and winter seasons.

People often flock here to get away from the scorching heat of their places, apart from finding an escape from the bustling city life in the comforts of places like Abbey falls and the Cauvery Nisargdhama. A feast for the eyes here is the Raja’s Seat, soothing its visitors with its sprawling gardens and flowerbeds. Taking the next step us is also equally easy, with Karnataka’s second highest peak, Tadiandamool peak, also being in Coorg, where you can trek for breathtaking experiences

And keeping in mind this, Coorg sightseeing begins as soon as you set foot in this small town tucked away in the valleys and cliff sides of western ghats. Apart from coffee plantations and slopes lined with every possible shade of green, Coorg also has a rich wildlife diversity. Out of the many places to see in Coorg, what will excite you the most is witnessing animals like buffalos and elephants in their natural habitats, alongside many birds singing in the trees on many of the small hills here.

And if you are really lucky, you might even catch a slight glimpse of the lord of these forests, the Panther. Or you can also visit Nagarhole National Park, a tiger reserve. So if you have landed anywhere near Coorg (Like Bangalore), Coorg must be on your to-do list and here is every reason why.

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