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Couple Living in Sewer for 22 Years – Love Needs No Money

We know that there are two type of people in the world, one who crib and too demanding and another one who are content, in whatever they get. In this manner, the league of people, according to me, are more at peace and less stressed too?

Today, I am taking you across a story of a Colombian couple, how they fell in love despite no luxury or worldly comforts.

This is the story of Maria and Miguel, who both are drug addicts and first time they met in Medellin. Colombia. This area is notorious for drug trafficking and violence but love blossomed amidst violence too.

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Both of them start living on the streets but drugs were ruining their lives.

Then they took a bold step and decided to quit drugs and live with this substance abuse.

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But both of have no one to call as the family, and no financial help too, so they made a sewer their home and started living over there. They cleaned it and one by one put all the daily use stuff in it and soon sewer was transformed into home.

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They made the sewer as a cozy home and put all sort of amenities in it and they also have a dog as guard called Blackie.

This is perfect example as it shows that love is only thing you need to survive in this world.

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