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Cutest Dog Breeds in the World

Dogs are referred as human’s best friend because they are usually playful, friendly and loyal to humans. There are approx 800 breeds of dogs and there is no doubt about the fact that dogs are adorable and cute in their own way. That’s why some of these dog breeds are very popular in greeting cards, commercials and other marketing materials.

Here we have top 8 cutest dog breeds for you, after seeing you’ll definitely say “Awww” they are so cute….

  • Pug: The entire world seems to have gone crazy for the pug because of their bug-eyes, smooched face and curly tail.
Pug Dog
(Pic Source :
  • Pomsky: Pomsky is the smallest dog breed with a fluffy coat, plush tail and pointed ears. These dogs are not only cute and cuddly, they are also full of energy.
 Pomsky Dog
(Pic Source : Animalso)
  • Pomeranian: Pomeranian is cutest dog breed of everyone. This little cute dog has full fluffy coat and a curled tail high over the back, they come in different colours and they are very playful dogs in nature.
Pomeranian Dog
(Pic Source : Petsworld)
  • Yorkshire Terrier: Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog breed known for its long silky coat. These breeds are more popular as show dogs.
 Yorkshire Terrier dog
(Pic Source : Teacup Dogs Daily)
  • Morkie: These dog breeds are small in size and have long and soft hairs with pointed ears.
Morkie dog
(Pic Source : PetClassifieds.US)
  • Beagle: Beagle are the fun loving and intelligent, small dog breed.
 Beagle dog
(Pic Source : Dogs – LoveToKnow)
  • Basset Hound: Basset Hound has short and wrinkly legs, tons of loose skin and big ears with sad eyes.
Basset Hound dog
(Pic Source : Animals Adda)
  • Papillon: The Papillon dog has butterfly like shape of its fringed ears. These little dogs have black eyes and a long tail high over the body. These dogs are highly intelligent.
Papillon dog
(Pic Source :

Here we also have some most dangerous dog breeds in the world, have a look.

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