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Decoded: Which Emotion Causes which Disease

Before we go deep into such a gruesome topic, we need to understand some basics about the topic and what it is all about. Firstly, it is very important to know what is an emotion is?

So, as per dictionary, emotion is a strong feeling deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others. But it is only the limited wordly form to know what emotion is. In reality, emotion is what makes a human. Without emotion, a human being is nothing but a robot. We experience every sort of happiness, miseries, pain, attachment and detachment, all because of the emotion.

Every situation has an emotion attached with it. We react as per the situation and the set of emotions flood out from us for that limited period of time or particularly for that situation. When emotion is so strong it will definitely have some side effects too. Side effects are nothing but the diseases that are caused through over flood of some emotions in ourselves.

  • Migraines: One of the major side effects that happens to people quite often. Headaches are a result of emotions that have exceeded your level of extra emotional intake. Something that is beyond your thought or imaginations brings in headache and migraine attacks for you.
(Pic Source : DermaFACE Clinic)
  • Swelling of Eyes: This generally happen when you have been wetting your eyes for a long duration of time. Excess crying happens to swell your eyes and it causes eye irritation as well. Crying tend to happen when you have some uncontrollable emotion that have hurt you in an unexpected way.
Swelling of eyes
(Pic Source : Diseases Pictures)
  • Hair Fall: Many of us witness hair fall due to no reason. We use correct shampoo, conditioner and take proper care of our hair, but still we face hair fall. Hair fall is because you are worried or tensed. Hair grows at the top and if you are going through any tension for a longer period of time, then the hair cannot breadth because the scalp thickens and thus hair fall occurs.
Hair fall
(Pic Source : Skin Clinic in Delhi Centre For Skin)
  • Temporary Deafness: Sometimes we can’t hear what the person is speaking. This is solely because of the fact that we are in our different world and do not pay attention to what the person is telling. Slowly but steadily this becomes a habit and to certain extent we lose our hearing capacity.
Temporary deafness
(Pic Source : Medindia)
  • Indigestion: Another major problem for many people who are emotional by nature. With every incident they come across, they lose their ability to digest the food properly which leads to various stomach problems. Indigestion, constipation, stomach ache and many more diseases are a part of your strong emotional fallout.
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  • Heart Attacks: This is very common among people of today’s generation. People who can’t take certain changes very fast fall victim of this disease. Heart attacks are no more a rare disease. People of all age group face the same kind of emotional problem which makes the heart weak and thus attacks happen.
Heart Attacks
(Pic Source : ABC News)
  • Obesity: Very few people may know that obesity is a big result of tension and panic. When the food you intake is not properly digested, it helps in increasing calorie and fat. This is the solo reason why people are gaining weight without any reason.
(Pic Source : GutFit)

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