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Delhi delicacies

A shout out to the big brother and “Baap” of all cities, the home to people with big hearts and sharp tongues,  the city, where who you know matters more than who you are! The Dilwaalon ki Dilli, the magic land of history and mystery. Nothing is black and white, for there are colours that one would not even find normally in a Vogue magazine.The music of the qawwali musicians reverberates in the air as you observe old and young alike, slurping delicious golgappas, sweets and chaats near streets strewn with vivid graffiti and artwork.

1. Butter chicken with extra butter please!


The street food of Delhi is something that even the most hygiene conscious freaks will swear by. Taste, tanginess and a delicious memory of the most yummy food ever eaten is a given with the experience! Famous for its chaats, Delhi will simply bowl you over and spoil you for days to come! There is music in the air as the sound of plates, spoons, merry conversations with friends and the loudcacophonic exclamations at the sheer deliciousness of the food make for a musical orchestra that you can enjoy for free. You will remember sharing momos with your friends; you will wait during peak hours outside the Andhra Bhawan mess and you will of course, demand a tad extra butter on your butter chicken.

2. GolGappe

Call it Panipuri,Puchka or Gupchup, no one can work magic on these delicious snacks like the way Delhiites do. Tangy, sweet and sour water filled inside puffed Puris of Maida, stuffed with potato and gram Dal….mmmhh!! The thought alone is enough to make your mouth water.

3. Khan Chacha

A rag to riches kind of story in its own right, Khan Chacha was a small establishment that served only rolls i.e. Maida roti, rolled with Chicken, veggies or Paneer or all mixed up together. Slowly the word grew and the place started gaining word of mouth publicity and proliferated into a multi-million establishment that it is today.

4. Parathewaali Gali

The Indian flatbreads stuffed with veggies, Paneer, grams, chicken, mince meats or eggs served up with Curd, butter and sour lime or mango pickle. Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch or supper, Parathas here satisfy the soul.

5. Karims restaurant

Located near Jama Masjid, hidden away in the unknown nook of the streets is Karims restaurant, a favourite of the Delhiites appetite. The kebabs and the delicious mouth watering mutton korma in this place will have you running for it while sitting at work in any part of the city. It’s unique flavours and spices cannot be imitated in any other part of the country.

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