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Delicious Recipes from Oats

Oats are beneficial for health and in the morning having a bowl of oats soaked in milk and having loads of fruits and nuts in it, is not only awesome for health but also for that taste buds..Oats are so good that one can have it daily with miss. But sometimes one feel bored having a bowl of hot oats so try these recipes.

Here, I am giving you some quickie recipes of oats for your breakfast, teatime and dinner and they are tremendously simple and yummy:

  1. Bowl of Warm Oats with fruits

In a medium size bowl, pour hot milk, diced fruits and nuts of your choice and precooked oats.

Fruits can be strawberry, apples, grapes, banana or cranberries. Let the mixture settle down for couple of minutes and add diced fruits and nuts after that. Have this tasty breakfast recipe for breakfast, add bit of honey as sweetener agent as I don’t have sugar in it and have it.

Bowl of Warm Oats with fruits
(Pic Source- Berriesflowersandsparkle)
(Pic Source – Pintrest )
(Pic Source – Pintrest )
  1. Oats and Rajma Cutlets

Firstly soak Rajma or kidney beans overnight and in the morning pressure cook the rajma, once cooked drain the excess water. Then add cooked rajma and 1 boiled potato into the bowl and mash well. Add oats and seasoning of salt and pepper, and take out egg white of 2 eggs separately in the bowl.

After mixture is made, heat the skillet and brush a bit of olive oil on it and make cutlets from the mixture and lastly dip this in egg wash and cook on hot Skillet.  This is a teatime snack have it with hot cuppa of spiced tea and green mint chutney.

Oats and Rajma Cutlets
(Pic Source – Archana’s Kitchen)
  1. Spinach and Oats Khichdi

This is a dinner recipe and both spinach and oats are very nutritious for health.

Add one cup plain oats and 100 gm dhuli moong dal shredded spinach and 6 cups of water along with the seasoning in the cooker. Pressure cook the khichdi for 5 minutes or approx 1 whistle and let the steam settle down. Then in the separate pan, heat half spoon of olive oil and add hing , cumin seeds ,turmeric , dry red chilies , diced onions , shredded ginger and garlic. When the Khichdi is cooked properly, open the whistle and add the Takda in it and stir for couple minutes.

Have this wholesome meal for dinnertime..

(Pic Source - Saffola Fit Foodie)
(Pic Source – Saffola Fit Foodie)
  1. Vegetable Oatmeal Poha

This is again a breakfast treat for everyone , recipe of this is, take  2 cup poha place it in the colander and rinse it under running water , using your fingers otherwise it will become mushy. Now in the heavy bottom pan add oil pour mustard seeds, chilies, onions, turmeric, steamed vegetables (peas, carrot, tomatoes, cauliflowers) , roasted peanuts , salt and sugar. After that add rinsed Poha in it and sauté for couple of minutes. Sprinkle green coriander on it and have it hot in the bowl and sprinkle lemon juice on it..

(Pic Source - chefdehome)
(Pic Source – chefdehome)
  1. Shakshuka with Oats

First for this recipe you need to have made baked beans. Soak beans overnight and in the morning pressure cook along with salt and pepper. Cook for 10 minutes and then pan add oil, heat it and add tomato puree of 2 tomatoes. After the cooking of tomato puree add baked beans into it and then again cook for 10 minutes. Now, after this gently pour three eggs into the mixture but don’t stir but cook for 30 minutes. After this eggs are no longer translucent and the Shakshuka is almost cooked. Sprinkle generous amount of coriander and have with the toasted bread.

(Pic Source - Saffola Fit Foodie)
(Pic Source – Saffola Fit Foodie)

Many more recipes to come in the future articles, from the oats and many other nutritious ingredients also.

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