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Different Types of Tattoo Designs for Women

I simply love tattoos. It’s like you are expressing yourself through some kind of body art. Body art no longer are confined to males, they have spread the wings and have flown to heart and mind of women too. A recent survey tells that 59% of the tattooed population comprises of women and not men. This distinctively states that how much women love to speak through art.

With variations in designs of tattoos for both the gender, let’s get some designs for women who can speak up their mind with these symbols:

  • Live Life: Let’s start off with the beautiful part of the body, i.e. the feet. Women tend to draw various designs in their ankles and feet that looks beautiful. Tattoos on feet and ankles gives a boho type look and also gives a carefree and content feel. Some type of message, a word can be tattooed on this part of the body.
Live Life Tattoos designs
(Pic Source : Pinterest)
  • Lion: A great symbol to show the strength, power, loyalty and grace. You can inscribe it anywhere of your body to give that royal feeling. Some of the clubs also have this tattoo as a sign or logo. At times family also make this type of emblem as a way to showcase togetherness or power.
Lion tattoo design
(Pic Source : Pinterest)
  • Moons: This type of tattoo is quite feminine one. Women like to wear such type of tattoos like one of crescent moon, full moon and so on. It depicts women power and also the beauty of a female. This is one of the elegant tattoos one can have.
Moon Tattoo Design
(Pic Source : stylehitz.com)
  • Love heart: A perfect way to showcase your love for your partner. In the present time, couples don’t go for expensive rings; rather they get a tattoo of a heart on their ring finger that depicts that they are taken. This is one of the modern ways to declare that you are committed.
Love heart tattoo design
(Pic Source : Pinterest)
  • Mermaid: Something that feminists are always attached too. Mermaid designs paved its way ever since the movie the little mermaid came up. Starting from dresses, costume jewellery and now tattoos, it has conquered all. It really looks great on forearm or any part of the body once done with perfection.
Mermaid tattoo design
(Pic Source : Pinterest)
  • Tree: A tree design is something that depicts growing. Very strong head and growing women prefer this symbol for their tattoo. It is a sign to make you grow in terms of work, knowledge, execution and so on.
Tree tattoo design
(Pic Source : create-tattoos.com)
  • Peacock Feather: One of the beautiful tattoo design of all time. A peacock feather states the beauty, softness, elegance and one of a kind type of message. It is awesome way to flaunt your feminism through body art. Very few people have the elegance to carry this design with them.
Peacock feather tattoo design
(Pic Source : Pinterest)
  • Guitar: This symbol is very restricted to them who are into rock music. If you are in love with rock music and want to convey this message to the world, go for guitar sign tattoo. Music lovers will connect this type of tattoo symbol for sure.
Guitar tattoo design
(Pic Source : CreativeFan)
  • Birds: If you are a traveller by nature and can’t stay at one place, then you should definitely go for bird tattoo. It is a something that cover travelling, wandering about and moving on. Like birds, you too need to get away from one place to another and not settle for anything that easily.
Birds tattoo design
(Pic Source : Sortra)
  • Heart Rate: A different yet meaning tattoo. You are alive till your heart rate is going up and down. It is way to show you live only once, and we should make every way possible to make that living worthy enough.
Heart rate tattoo design
(Pic Source : Askideas.com)

We also have some om and shiva tattoo designs for you.

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