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Display your photos in Heart-shape

Do you scroll through Tumblr, wanting to have a room exactly like the pictures you see? Ever wanted to have a room which has a background which can easily be used for your Instagram photos? Well, just watching won’t do any good. Start with a simple room decor and let’s try to achieve that target.

Here is a step-wise tutorial of displaying your favorite photos in heart shape.

1. Collect all your photos you want to arrange. All the photos from school time, college, family trips, birthdays, selfies with best friend-collect all of them and spend a moment reliving the memories.

2. If you’re using exclusively phone photos, try running them all through the same editing filter. Since you want the color tone to remain the same throughout the layout, try editing each of the photograph in the same app, using the same filter.

3. Keep all your photographs in the same dimension. You will need to have a definite dimension and cut all of them with precision to have a perfect shape of the desired layout or else the design will seem messy and won’t bring out the desired result.

4. Now, use the layout to arrange your photos in this particular heart shape. You can use different layouts too depending on your choice and preference.

5. You can either lay this out in the corners or on a single wall. Either way it will look pretty and take you on a memory walk each time you look at the photos. Smiling isn’t bad anyway.

6. Use adhesive to stick the photos. Make sure the adhesive is of good quality since you don’t want the photos to fall off as soon as you switch off the fan.

If you want, you can also use string lights to decorate the outline.

There, you have such a beautiful way of flaunting your photographs and reminiscing the best of your memories created with your loved ones.

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