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DIY Mood Board

Sometimes vision boards are all about the distant future, but they can also be helpful to assess the right now

Here’s how to get started:

1. A large piece of foam core.

2. Gather a large selection of printed matter that you’re okay with recycling when you’re done like old catalogs, magazines, newspapers and use them as source material.

3. A pair of scissors

4. A few glue sticks and thumbtacks

The process:

The basic concept is to cut any imagery/text from printed matter that appeals to you (any strong emotional reaction will do!) and to collage them in a way that feels pleasing to your eye/mind/heart.

Once you have torn everything out, go through the pile again and cut things neatly with scissors to focus on the words/pattern/colours.

Next, start with the image you are most drawn to and place it in the center of the board. Then start forming relationships between images and laying them next to each other. Don’t glue at this stage yet, unless you feel strongly about the image and its placement. Push pins here to keep things in place.

Continue placing items/images until you’ve added all of the images you want. It’s okay to leave some out or to add/embellish images and text any way you like! You can add something written later or draw in the space between images on the board.

Once you like your placement, take a picture to document this phase and make note of where everything is. Then start gluing them down until they’re all in place.

Then step back, admire your work and start seeing if you can find some of the bigger themes or messages. They may be about family, kids, work, finding your voice, changing your personal style, etc. Make notes without judgement. Then hand your board to someone you love and trust and see what they might see that you miss.

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