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DIY Top Ideas, Made from Old Clothes

DIY clothes are in trend now days. They are fun to wear because they are versatile. If you think to buy new trendy or fashionable outfit, they are bit higher in price so why not take your old clothes which you don’t wear anymore and turn them into new trendy outfit. It’s much easier than you’d think without spending much money.

Here we have some DIY top ideas which are made from old clothes that you should try:

Wrap Crop Top:

Turn an old tank top into a new cute wrap crop top by following these simple steps:

Wrap Crop Top
(Pic Source : Pinterest)

Geometric Cut-Out Tee:

From a plain and simple t-shirt you can create a beautiful geometric cut-out tee which you can wear everywhere. You can draw pattern in front too.

Geometric Cut-Out Tee
(Pic Source : Pinterest)

Button Down Crop Top:

From a guy’s shirt, you can turn it into a really cute button-down crop top.

Button Down Crop Top
(Pic Source :

Downton Abbey Inspired Top:

You can make this Downton Abbey inspired top by simply turn the tank top inside out and attach lace trimmings to the outer straps.

Downton Abbey Inspired Top
(Pic Source : Pinterest)

Graphic Top:

You can make graphic top on plain top or T-shirt by just drawing your text on it and fill color init of your choice.

Graphic Top
(PIc Source : Pinterest)

Back Bow Tee:

You can make it by cutting out the lines on the back of the T-shirt and cut small pieces of your ribbon, wrap and sew the ribbon around each part.

Back Bow Tee
(Pic Source : Pinterest)

Zipper Top from a T-shirt

You can make Zipper top with the help of  old T-shirt and Zip. Cut the T-shirt from top and stitch Zip.

Zipper Top from a T-shirt
(Pic Source : Pinterest)

Corset Tee:

You can create your fancy corset tee with the help of ribbon.

Corset Tee
(Pic Source : Pinterest)

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