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DIY White Board Pen Stand

Don’t you love it when something looks great and is multipurpose? I do! And it’s even better when I can customise it easily. That’s exactly what we were going for with this DIY white board pen stand. 

This particular Pen stand stays in our living room. It’s become a space where we leave quick notes to each other and keep our basic stationery handy. Of course, you can also keep it on your desk and use it for reminders or notes. Instead of cluttering a table with pens, erasers and more.


  • Wooden Pen stand
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Erasable Cork Sheets
  • Black Marker
  • Cutter / Scissors
  • Double sided Tape



1. Start by painting the sides of the pen stand. We wanted to make something Ombre , so we started with the lightest colour on the top third of the pen stand and added two more colours as we painted downwards. The trick to doing ombre is going back and forth quickly with a damp brush. This blends the colours faster. Try to get the thirds even on all four sides of the pen stand. Let it dry.

2. Once dry, you can choose to paint the bottom, rim and inside as you like. We painted the base and the rim, but left the inner portion of the stand plain. I just liked how it worked with the cork sheets.

3. Next, measure the length and breadth of any one of the sides. This will tell you how big a rectangle you need for the white board.

4. Mark the measurements and cut the rectangle from the corner of the sheet. If you would like to add more than one rectangle, you can repeat this step.

5. Apply 3-4 lines of double sided tape on the back of the rectangle.

6. Carefully paste it from the edges on one side of the pen stand.

7. Test out the white board!

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