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Donald Trump Being Selective Towards Terror Attracts Response

We all know a special quality of trump being responsive towards the news of the day. When it comes to terror attacks, his statements are enough to create buzz, but these days, it seems he is becoming very selective towards his cocky statements.

Despite of lots of terror attacks happening around he was seemed only to respond or gave statements which were beneficial to American presidency.

(Pic Source : the atlantic)
(Pic Source : the atlantic)

Horrifying terrors attracts, either it’s Manchester united or any other attacks which involved Islam, he was there to respond within 24 hours. His special kinds of responses are towards mostly anti- Muslims, where he tries to convince public that Muslims are responsible for terrorism.

His series of tweets has also proved that he is nothing but a anti –national propagandist who is trying to radicalize American against Muslims.

The news report s of the Atlantic has given more specifics to his physiological behavioural reports.

(Pic Source : Twitter)
(Pic Source : Twitter)

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