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Dress up and Hair Styles for Chubby Girls

Yeah, it is true that chubby girls are the cutest among all other types of girls existing in the universe. The cuteness and the sweetness can never be matched until and unless you have super amazing features in you. But sometimes chubby girls find themselves a little weird and confused when it comes to presenting themselves. They are little aware of the way they should dress and how they should make themselves much more groomed and confident.

This is a tutorial to those chubby girls out there who are not at all very particular about how to dress up for some specific occasions or how to tie their hair that will not only look good, but will also increase the confidence in them.

So, let’s start the process:

  1. Dressing up is a very important part of life and thus it should be done with confidence and understanding. Being healthy doesn’t mean that you cannot look smart and stunning. While choosing clothes for yourself, keep in mind to go with dark colours. Dark colours will hide those extra fats that can be visible in light colours.
go with dark colours
(Pic Source : Pinterest)
  1. Go with small patterns and prints. Never try to buy something that has big pattern or prints in it. Small pattern will help you look thin and in shape whereas the bigger pattern will increase your size at one go.
small patterns and prints
(Pic Source : wlnls)
  1. Any dress will look good on you if you are confident from inside. Wearing perfectly fitted undergarments will enhance your look and you will bring that extra grace in your dress. If you are not sure of the size of your bra or panty, then you can visit the nearest lingerie shop and ask the sales person to get you the right size. Always keep in mind that your undergarments should have a great coverage to your body.
confident from inside
(Pic Source : Plus size clothing style guide)
  1. Keep in mind to shop well when it comes to garments. You need fitted lower garments for you if you are overweight. Don’t go with palazzo, elephant pants and any such stuffs that have wide legs. You can opt for a good pair of jeans instead. This will help you to look leaner and also smart.
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  1. If you are chubby then keep in mind to go with clothes that will cover your body to the fullest. You should try to cover your body as much as possible. Wearing revealing clothes can highlight your fatty areas making you feel uncomfortable and shabby.
(Pic Source : demandware.edgesuite.net)
(Pic Source : demandware.edgesuite.net)
  1. Now let us get down to hair styles that will be best suited for chubby girls. The pixie cut is a great way to bring in that extra grace to your face. It is a great way to give your face a new angle and also adds that extra femininity to your personality.
pixie cut
(Pic Source : etonline.com)
  1. A good layer haircut can be best for you. Those extra layers that fall on your face give you a fabulous look and your face looks a little less round even. You can go for deep layer haircut with any kind of hair you have- wavy, straight or curly. This hairstyle looks good on every hair and chubby girls looks the best with this hair style.
good layer haircut
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  1. Bob hair style is what looks best on any one. But if you are a chubby girl, then it will sure enshrine your look to the next level. A chin length bob will draw attention to your jaw line and will make your face look different from what it used to look.
Bob hair style
(Pic Source : hairstylesbay.com)
  1. The easiest way to get a different look is by changing your parting. You can easily change the parting of your hair and get that whole new look for yourself effortlessly. It will hardly take any time for you to do this activity, but will definitely add that difference in your look.
(Pic Source : curlycurves)
(Pic Source : curlycurves)
  1. If you are chubby then make sure that you don’t go for straight hair anytime. Curl your hair if you want. Curling your hair will help you to add volume to your hair and will also cut down those cheek bones instantly.
Curly hairstyle
(Pic Source : Youtube)

So, with these simple tricks you can groom yourself in a different manner for the world to get a glimpse of a new you.

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